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Web Rental Service | Why Choose Us
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Why Choose Us

Do you need a professional website for your business, but don’t want to spend a high initial start up cost?

Now, you can get one custom site for your business! good service

We understand that the high initial investment in website is causing a lot of business owners did not get the opportunity to market the business online.

Most business owners wanted to sell more, market to a bigger market, getting more clients, but always get tight up with the high initial investment of setting up a brand new customized website.  They are either left with no online exposure, or a old looking website that doesn’t look appealing anymore, or a not so professional social page that showcase the business, thus in many cases, they are losing out in the online market.

We have the solution for you, Business Owner!

We provide custom website creation service as low as RM1 a day! 

You can now get a website from us.  Our website are new custom sites, mobile friendly with search engine optimized.  Further more, your website security in under our surveillance and you do not have to worry about all other website work and focus on your business entirely.

Now, instead  of spending a few thousands running up front to get started, you pay for a small start up cost and pay just a small rental fee, for the very same custom site, designed for your business.

Best of all, you have the option to buy up your site in future!

It’s as simple as that!

All you need is to pay the upfront start up fee (from RM540) and yearly rental fee (as low as RM360/year).  No hidden cost.  And you get the domain and hosting.

Get Started Now with a monthly rental as low as RM1.

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Benefits of EZ Web Rental Service

No Big Cash Upfront

Rent a site with minimum payment monthly, and focus on marketing and getting sales.

Maintanance Support

Your site is now handle by professional website developer and you can leave all the maintenance to us so you focus on your business.

Site Security

There are so many websites that got into issues and business owners have to handle it. Now, you leave the hard work to us.

Domain Name

You will your desired domain name (.com).


We cover hosting for you too.

Be Found In Google

Website is setup with basic search engine opimization, so that your website can be found in google.

Mobile Website Ready

Your site will now be up to date. We will ensure all sites are mobile friendly.

Business Emails Setup

You will now get emails with your domain name so your business look more professional.

Fast Setup

Your website will be ready within 2 weeks and you can start getting your business running online.

Are you ready for a totally affordable custom professional site—right now?

We handle all the tech stuff.  We will provide you service to update the website on regular basis.

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated waiting for things to improve, you can take your business back into your own hands. You’ll get a gorgeous site, SEO-optimized and social-media ready, so you can easily connect with potential clients. You’ll have no worries or extra bills, because hosting is built in and your site is always up to date and safe. You’ll have stress-free low yearly payments that are probably less than you pay for your phone, your cable TV, or your car.

You’ll get a sustainable new web site that can pay for itself while it brings in business for you.


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Website Package

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Is there any hidden cost?

We only collect an initial setup fee and the yearly renewal fee.

Based on your website requirement, you can choose from our plan below:

  • Starter Webste Plan: Initial payment of RM540+RM360 for first year.  Yearly renewal fee is RM360.
  • Intermediate Webste Plan: Initial payment of RM600+RM600 for first year.  Yearly renewal fee is RM600.
  • Advance Webste Plan: Initial payment of RM700+RM1200 for first year.  Yearly renewal fee is RM1200.
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